Taking Business Rules to the Next Level with IBM Operational Decision Manager

Taking Business Rules to the Next Level with IBM Operational Decision Manager


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Duration 60min
Brian Safron
Worldwide Marketing Program Director, IBM Business Process and Decision Management
Brian Safron
Brian Safron, Worldwide Marketing Program Director for Business Process and Decision Management at IBM, is focused on demonstrating the value of IBM’s extended set of process and decision-related capabilities, including BPM, operational decision management, business rules, complex event processing, predictive analytics, and SOA-based integration. Prior to this role Brian was on the leadership team for IBM’s complex systems development and systems engineering offerings, and a member of the original SOA team. His earlier career focused on System z software. Brian is based in Research Triangle Park, NC.
Laurent Tarin
Senior Product Marketing Manager, IBM Operational Decision Manager
Laurent Tarin
Laurent Tarin worked for ILOG for 15 years prior to the IBM acquisition and was part of the Strategic Business Development group to position ILOG software in the BPM market. Starting with the ILOG Visualization products, Laurent saw the advantage of combining business rules management systems (BRMS) with BPM tools. As a result, Laurent helped initiate the first ILOG JRules partnerships with ILOG BPM partners prior to the IBM acquisition. Laurent currently works as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for the Operational Decision Manager product marketing team within IBM WebSphere.

Operational decisions are those repeatable, high-volume decisions made thousands of times daily by organizations. Common examples are credit and loan approvals, eligibility determination, underwriting, compliance and reporting, and cross-sell and up-sell.

At the core of Operational Decision Management is a business rule management system that offers an intuitive environment for quickly and safely making changes to business rules. IBM Operational Decision Manager provides an intuitive interface that enables business and IT users to create, update and manage rules with the ease-of-use of today's popular word processing and spreadsheet programs. The software enables rules to be easily simulated, governed, tested and audited, and includes a centralized rule repository that makes searching for specific rules and decision tables as easy as using one of today's best search engines.

During this webcast you will:

  • Learn how the knowledge of your business experts can be captured in an automated system
  • Hear how common business decisions can be operationalized for speed and effectiveness
  • See a compelling demo of IBM Operational Decision Manager's intuitive, business-friendly interface
  • See how rule creation, editing and governance can be made more effective with intuitive collaboration and search capabilities
  • Learn how this solution applies to specific industries

Join us for this demonstration of the next generation business rule management software – IBM Operational Decision Manager. Learn how you can drive better automated decisions that improve the day-to-day interactions with your customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

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