Maximize the benefits of virtualization for greater ROI

Maximize the benefits of virtualization for greater ROI


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Matt Rodkey
Product Manager Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure
Matt Rodkey
In 13 years with IBM, Matt has worked in a number of areas in the Tivoli portfolio including Security, Monitoring, and Service Delivery.

The challenges of virtualized environments are driving the shift to greater integration of service management capabilities such as image and patch management, high-scale provisioning, monitoring, storage and security. In this webinar, learn how organizations can realize the full benefits of virtualization to reduce management costs, decrease deployment time, increase visibility into performance and maximize utilization.

In this webinar, learn how IBM is helping companies around the world leverage the cost savings of virtualization and increase adoption of cloud with benefits including:

  • Visibility into the health and performance of physical/virtual environments
  • Visibility into the costs of physical, virtualized and cloud resources
  • Mitigating backup and recovery risks due to exponential data growth
  • Preventing VM compliance security risks

This webinar will help you understand how the virtualization and cloud technologies developed by IBM can help you maximize your virtualization investment and build your cloud infrastructure at your own pace and customized for your organization’s unique requirements.

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