Meeting the Unilever eScience Challenges:
To out-compute is to out-compete

Meeting the Unilever eScience Challenges:
To out-compute is to out-compete

Technical Computing And How To Deliver Results Faster

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Duration 60 Minutes
Dr.Massimo Noro
Leader for High Performance Computing
Strategic Science Group, Unilever
Dr.Massimo Noro
Dr. Massimo Noro is the Leader for high performance computing at Unilever R&D Port Sunlight (UK), the largest global research laboratory of the company. Unilever is a large multinational and a market leader in the fast moving consumer goods, with well known products in the sectors of home care, personal care, refreshments and foods.

Massimo is the Director of the Unilever strategic collaboration with STFC Daresbury on high performance computing. STFC Daresbury is a Tier-1 National computing facility in the UK of strategic importance for the development of the UK eScience infrastructure. Massimo’s scientific background is theory and simulations of complex fluids, with a special interest in biological systems, and holds a Visiting Professor position at the University of Leeds (UK).
Louise Westoby
IBM Product Marketing
Louise Westoby
Louise Westoby drives the product marketing strategy for the IBM Platform Computing brand and a recognized expert in technical and high performance computing (HPC). In her role at IBM, Louise spearheads outbound marketing for the Platform Computing portfolio of analytics, big data (Hadoop), technical computing, and cloud management solutions, working to align IBM Platform Computing solutions with the needs of a diverse and expanding customer base through innovative go-to-market strategies. Prior to IBM and its acquisition of Platform Computing, Westoby honed her skills as a Product Line Manager at SGI, successfully bringing to market both the Altix XE and Altix ICE product lines. Westoby holds an MBA from Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Davis.
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While data volumes grow and applications require more compute power, organizations are pressured to accelerate time-to-results while controlling or reducing costs.   
Dr. Massimo Noro from the Strategic Science Group at Unilever will reveal how technical computing is the high performance secret behind transforming information that delivers “outstanding products to the consumer faster than anyone else”.   And Louise Westoby, IBM Platform Computing Manager,  will describe the IBM Technical Computing solutions leveraged by Unilever, that are the backbone of High Performance Computing (HPC) Infrastructures.
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  • Apply the lessons learned by Unilever about leveraging technical computing environments to your own organization
  • Gain an end-to-end, high-performance infrastructure optimized for compute-intensive, big data, cloud and analytics workloads
Join and learn how technical computing capabilities can help organizations of all sizes accelerate their time-to-results by transforming IT infrastructures to become more agile for high performance computing.
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