A Holistic, Trusted 360 Degree View of Your Data

A Holistic, Trusted 360 Degree View of Your Data


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Alex Bentley
Senior Product Manager
InfoSphere Master Data Management
Alex Bentley
Alex Bentley leads a team of Product Managers focused on the integration of InfoSphere MDM with the IBM Information Management portfolio. He has experience leading agile product management organizations in multiple small venture backed startup companies. These experiences span the healthcare, government, automotive, high tech, and manufacturing sectors. Alex is a graduate of Purdue University with a major in Chemical Engineering and minors in management and history.
Mark Myers
Senior Product Marketing Manager, InfoSphere Data Explorer, IBM Software Group, Information Management
Mark Myers
Mark Myers has more than 20 years of experience in the information access field, helping enterprises to gain maximum value from their information assets. Mark joined IBM as part of the acquisition of Vivisimo, Inc., in May 2012. At Vivisimo, Mark was responsible for understanding clients' business challenges and aligning the company's product and service offerings to help clients achieve optimal leverage from their information assets. Before joining IBM, Mark gained a deep understanding of the both the challenges and potential rewards of successful information management while working in leading companies in the information access, content management, business process automation, and application development fields.

With the world's information doubling every two years, enterprises today have more data than ever. In addition to the traditional sources of customer data such as CRM systems and customer databases, there is burgeoning social data, as well as unstructured content in the form of PDFs, internal collaboration systems, content management systems, and more. Harnessing this volume and variety of data and unlocking the valuable insights that lay within can result in competitive advantage and real ROI.

This webinar will show how the combined capabilities of IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management and InfoSphere Data Explorer can deliver the wealth of customer or product information in your enterprise, in context, ensuring that the information is accurate, consistent and trustworthy.

Join this webinar to learn how IBM InfoSphere can help you:

  • Gain an enhanced 360 degree of your organization's key assets
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customers from both internal and external data sources
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by understanding which meaningful actions are needed
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