Are Your Healthcare Mobile Devices Secure?

Are Your Healthcare Mobile Devices Secure?


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Jude J. Lancaster
Product Manager, Endpoint Manager and Mobile Management Solutions
Jude J. Lancaster
Jude Lancaster has been in IT sales and marketing for more than 15 years. He started his career at IBM in 1997, first as a client rep, then in PC sales, covering one of IBM's largest PC clients for 2 years. Jude then turned to a more technical focus as a field technical specialist for PCD, and then for Lenovo when IBM divested from the PC business. At Lenovo, Jude learned valuable skills in systems management and security, as well as patch management and OS deployment. Jude left Lenovo in 2009 and moved to LANDesk software, a systems and security management software company as a Systems Engineer. Jude returned to IBM in 2010 where he first focused his efforts on educating customers and partners on the benefits of a unified systems and security management strategy using IBM Endpoint Manager. Jude is now the product manager for the IBM Endpoint Manager mobile device management solution.
Matt Johnson
Manager of Service Engineering
The Methodist Hospital
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson is an information technology leader with 12+ years of experience in medium to large corporate networks. A native Houstonian who has experienced all the challenges that a large enterprise environment has to offer. Experience with endpoint management products and solutions from Novel NDS & Application launcher to SMS/SCCM & and now IBM Endpoint Manager (built on Bigfix technology). Supporting images from windows 2000 on and applications since Office 2000, with automated deployment options and both application and system virtualization.

How quickly can you detect threats to your mobile devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets? By the time you read this, increasingly malicious threats could have compromised your remote endpoints!

With the rise in sophisticated security vulnerabilities, organizations are struggling to keep up with the volume and complexity of attacks on their mobile endpoints. The ability to respond is further complicated by an increasing mobile workforce in healthcare, using everything from smart phones and tablets to mobile laptops - on and off the hospital network. Healthcare organizations need real-time visibility and control over all endpoints to not only identify deviations from compliance policies but also to quickly return the environment to stability. Clearly, IT security teams must adopt new, more adaptable approaches to protecting critical assets and information.

With the IBM Endpoint Management solution, healthcare organizations are able to reduce their costs, realize payback in months and harden their infrastructure against future attacks.

Attend this live webcast to learn how the IBM solution effectively manages the health of endpoints in healthcare IT. Hear a real world case study from The Methodist Hospital who will share their success story on efficient management of healthcare endpoints.

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