Why Information Governance Must be Addressed Now

Why Information Governance Must be Addressed Now


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Nathaniel Rowe
Research Analyst
Aberdeen Group
Nathaniel Rowe
Nathaniel Rowe is a Research Analyst in the Enterprise Data Management practice at Aberdeen Group. His practice focuses on the rapidly growing volume of business data, and the Best-in-Class practices for the creation, capture, management and analysis of this information. His research topics cover the high performance hardware and software needed to handle data at scale, and developing technology related to distributed computing, mobile technology, social media and clickstream data, unstructured data, and physical documents. His recent reports have benchmarked strategies for Big Data, document management, master data management, digital media and Business Intelligence. Nathaniel has worked at Aberdeen for over three years. Previously he spent several years in the electronic disaster recovery industry, and worked for Yale University's Department of Digital Media and Dissemination.
Brian Vile
Program Director of Product Marketing for Information Governance
Brian Vile
Brian Vile is IBM's Program Director of Product Marketing for the InfoSphere Optim and InfoSphere Guardium product lines. Brian is also responsible for the Information Governance program. He joined IBM thru the Initiate Systems acquisition and ran product management for IBM's Master Data Management portfolio. Mr. Vile was previously General Manager of Installshield and VP Products at Macrovision. Prior to InstallShield, he held high-visibility roles at Information Resources Inc, Hewlett Packard and Motorola.

The emergence of big data creates new opportunities for organizations to gain insights into their markets, customers and offerings. But as big data is incorporated into business analytics and decision making, it very quickly becomes another set of data that needs to be integrated with traditional sources of information and governed so that the data is secure, well understood, and trusted. And, we will examine the hidden financial penalties for lapsed information governance and untrustworthy data. Join this webcast as Nathaniel Rowe, research analyst from Aberdeen Group discusses the emergence of big data and the need for flexible and reliable integration and governance.

By attending this free, highly informative session, you'll learn:

  • Why big data needs to be governed
  • The cost of doing nothing
  • The benefits of treating information as an asset
  • How to get started

In order to avoid these pitfalls and achieve better business efficiency and operational performance, top performing organizations have found it necessary to invest in tools such as data security, master data management, data quality, data lifecycle management and data integration.

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