SAP Platform Considerations - What the Findings from over 54,000 Deployments Reveal

SAP Platform Considerations - What the Findings from over 54,000 Deployments Reveal


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Duration 60min
Kat Lind
Chief Systems Engineer
Solitaire Interglobal, Ltd.
Kat Lind
Ms. Lind has over 43 years in the data processing and industrial psychology arenas and has published extensively on performance, system implementation, risk evaluation and programming productivity subjects, as well as conducted considerable research in the performance modeling and tuning areas.
Randy Kuseske
Power Systems, Market Segment Manager
Randy Kuseske

What happens when you ask 54,150+ companies about SAP application deployments across multiple platforms? It turns out, they have a lot to say and many stories to tell as selecting an ERP system can be challenging.

Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. has closely examined customer implementations to analyze how the choice of platform for SAP deployments can affect an organization’s costs, risk and strategic positioning in the current marketplace. Their findings reveal a wide variety of factors to consider when choosing a platform for SAP implementations. The selection of the right platform can enable businesses to adjust to shifting business and market needs to gain competitive advantage.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Critical business and performance metrics that can assist you in choosing the optimal platform for SAP ERP deployments
  • Insights, lessons learned and benefits derived from 54K+ customer deployments via data gathered by Solitaire Interglobal
  • Comparative results of production deployments across UNIX and x86 offerings for SAP implementations ranging from risk, security, overall costs (TCO and TCA) to customer satisfaction and perceived value
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