Stop Making It Easier For Criminals To Commit Fraud

Stop Making It Easier For Criminals To Commit Fraud


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Duration 60min
Alan Horton-Bentley
Program Director, Global Industry Marketing, Enterprise Content Management
Banking and Financial Markets, IBM Software Solutions Group
Alan Horton-Bentley
Alan Horton-Bentley is IBM’s World Wide Industry Marketing Program Director for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions Group - focused on Banking & Financial Services (B&FS). He has held this position for approximately 7 years since the acquisition of FileNet Inc, where I held a similar position. Prior to joining IBM Alan’s 30 years in the software Industry includes a number of senior executive positions: Vice President of General Automation’s Financial Services Division, CEO of Xcel Banking Systems, a subsidiary of Security Pacific Bank, President of RegCom Associates a regulatory compliance & consulting firm and CEO of Hannibal Inc, an SaaS based recruitment automation firm in partnership with a leading Swiss Bank. His knowledge of ECM dates back to1984 – combined with his knowledge of the B&FS business challenges enables him to assist IBM customers and partners develop compelling solutions to address the growth in complex business processes - including Fraud investigation and Social Media communications.
Jeff Douglas
Senior Product Manager, Industry Solutions, Enterprise Content Management
Jeff Douglas
Jeff Douglas is a senior solution manager within IBM's Enterprise Content Management Solutions organization. Jeff has been with IBM for 8 years, developing solutions that leverage the broad IBM portfolio across a variety of industries and use cases. For the past four years, he has been focused on investigative use cases in industries such as insurance, banking, healthcare and government. Jeff has been working in the information management space for over 20 years in a variety of roles.

Banks and financial institutions are overwhelmed with data and information, much of which is hidden in emails, social media communications, documents, voice and video.  This is collectively referred to as “content”.  Some industry analysts estimate that content represents as much as 80% of an institution’s information asset. Compounding the problem is the number of channels that have grown along with the increase in volume and data formats.

One aspect which has not grown is time!  Investigators need time to gather, assimilate and make sense of this deluge of content - connect the dots - to intercede to stop fraudulent transactions from being executed. One bank reports 80% of their AML investigators’ time is spent gathering and organizing the information to determine false positives as opposed to investigating criminal activity.  The process must be improved because criminals are counting on this delay and developing new techniques daily.  Banks and financial institutions must stay ahead of the fraudsters or reputational and financial loss could be catastrophic. 

This webinar will discuss how IBM is helping banks and financial institutions implement dynamic investigation processes. The solution leverages powerful content capture, classification, case management and content analytics capabilities that result in a reduction in the resources needed to collect and assimilate data, eliminating manual steps, and progressing toward a ‘just in time’ approach to fighting fraud.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Improve investigation effectiveness
  • Expedite investigations
  • Augment existing enterprise fraud management solutions
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