Analyze This: What Kind of Storage Makes Good Business Sense?

Analyze This: What Kind of Storage Makes Good Business Sense?


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Duration 60min
Rami Elron
XIV Product Technical Director and Sr. Technical Staff Member
Rami Elron
Rami Elron is a key thought leader for IBM XIV. He is responsible for directing the specification of major aspects of the XIV Storage System. Rami joined IBM in 2008, shortly after the XIV acquisition; since then, he has made key contributions to the product with regard to mirroring, security, scalability and performance.

An Industrial Engineer, Rami has over 20 years' experience in computer science technologies. He has held senior technical leadership roles with IBM, BMC Software, and others. In addition to his extensive storage background, he is a recognized expert in Microsoft technologies, UI design, and security identity management.

Rami played a major role in the design of security products and is a co-author of the Oasis SPML standard for identity management service provisioning. Rami has written and co-authored books and papers on Windows, corporate security, workflow, and UI design. He has delivered presentations at prestigious industry events worldwide and has taught in academia on advanced software development. He is the recipient of multiple awards, including Person of the Year award from Microsoft.
Jon Toigo
CEO and Managing Principal
Toigo Partners International, LLC.
Jon Toigo

Organizations are increasingly finding value in running analytics workloads. But what's the kind of storage that will rise to the task, letting analytics do their sweet job of helping conceive new ways to improve your business bottom line and yet without hitting up that bottom line... and your storage team's productivity?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Get analytics done efficiently with an enterprise storage system
  • Reduce loan default calculation time from 96 hours to just 4 hours and project processing time by 90%
  • Increase data throughput by 400% for deeper, more sophisticated analyses

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