The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed

Can your agency move at start-up speed?

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Duration 60min
Eric Minick
Lead Consultant
Eric Minick
Eric Minick is a lead consultant at UrbanCode where he helps customers get the most out of their build, deploy and release processes. He has automation experience throughout the application life-cycle in roles as a developer, test automation engineer, and support engineer. Eric has been at the forefront of Continuous Delivery for 10+ years and has worked on three generations of UrbanCode's products.
Ann Marie Somerville
WW Sales Executive
IBM Rational
Ann Marie Somerville
Ann Marie has over 20 years experience in IT. She is currently WW Sales Integration Executive for UrbanCode, recent IBM Rational acquisition. In her current role, Ann Marie is responsible for the sales and technical direction of the Rational brand in supporting the IBM Dev/Ops solution. Prior to her current role, Ann Marie was Rational's Business Unit Executive for the US. Federal team. In the role she was responsible for both sales and technical in support of the Federal government, covering both Civilian agencies and Department of Defense/NSJ. Ann Marie’s background in software development and IT infrastructure has led her to managing service delivery teams, and high performing account management teams.

Constituents, partners, and customers have grown accustomed to instant gratification which is why today, agencies need to take a page from the private sector’s software development processes to build and release applications more quickly and deploy them faster.

There is a new IBM solution that can help them get this done. Based on IBM’s recent acquisition of UrbanCode, the solution expands IBM’s already robust DevOps capabilities, simplifying software development and delivery processes across government organizations. The new UrbanCode technology helps government agencies reduce cycle time, shortening the time to get applications into market from months to minutes.

Join this webcast to learn more about IBM’s UrbanCode offering, which can help your agency deliver software to production services faster, resulting in decreased time to market and accelerated pace of innovation though end-to-end software delivery. The approach is also designed to help reduce cost and risk, while addressing client needs by enabling agencies to rapidly incorporate feedback into and improve the overall quality of their applications and services.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How government organizations can establish repeatable, error-free, scalable application deployment processes
  • How government organizations can establish repetition and traceable build processes in large development teams while maintaining quality
  • Why agencies can reduce cost and risk while responding to changing needs and improving the quality of applications and services
  • Why the power of continuous delivery helps agencies increase delivery speed, quality and stability through frequent, automated releases.
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