Cross-Channel Banking: How to Make Shifting Customer Behavior Work for Your Bank

Cross-Channel Banking: How to Make Shifting Customer Behavior Work for Your Bank

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Duration 60min
Peter Wannemacher
Forrester Research
Peter Wannemacher
Peter serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He specializes in serving financial services customers through online, mobile, and other remote channels. He has helped banks, brokerages, insurers, and other financial providers improve their online and mobile services, and plan their online and mobile strategies. Peter works with firms to better understand market opportunities and meet client needs. His recent reports include "Mobile Channel Strategy: An Overview." During his four years at Forrester, Peter has worked on projects that sized the market for mobile financial services, improved firms' online banking functionality, segmented existing customers and prospects, and quantified the value of digital services. In addition, Peter co-developed Forrester's mobile banking and mobile investing ROI models.
Steve Dille
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Message Systems
Steve Dille
Steve Dille is a senior marketing executive with deep roots in Silicon Valley and decades of experience with both small startups and Fortune 100 technology and financial services companies. As senior vice president of marketing at Message Systems, Mr. Dille heads up the company's global product marketing, demand-generation, branding and communications operations. Widely recognized in the tech sector as an effective cross-functional leader and new category builder, Steve is a one of the rare marketing practitioners who combines fact-based business thinking with strategic perspective, understanding of technology, and superior communication skills.

This webinar will explore cross-channel behavior among bank customers, and why cross-channel strategies will be critical to the future of banking. The session will include predictions about the future of banking, and high-level recommendations for providers.

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  • What “cross-channel” means and why you should care.
  • How cross-channel behavior is playing out in banking.
  • What banks need to do to prepare for the future of cross-channel behavior.

Join us to get a look at consumer data, examples from banks, and conceptual frameworks.

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