Flash: An Evolution in Primary Storage

Flash: An Evolution in Primary Storage


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Duration 60min
Lorna Garey
Content Director
InformationWeek Digital Media
Lorna Garey
Lorna Garey is content director of InformationWeek digital media. She has edited technical features since 1995, when she joined eWeek (then PCWeek). She moved to Network Computing in October 2000 as an associate editor and was named the publication's executive editor in 2006. Before joining eWeek, Lorna served in the U.S. Army, on the general staff at Second Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas; at U.S. Army Europe and 7th Army Central Command at Heidelberg, Germany; and with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. She has been the force behind compelling articles and cover designs that have earned industry recognition, including ASBPE national awards. She studied English and history at the University of Massachusetts and is a certified technical writer.
Jasmine McTigue
McTigue Analytics
Jasmine McTigue
Jasmine McTigue is principal and lead analyst of McTigue Analytics and an InformationWeek and Network Computing contributor, specializing in emergent technology, automation/orchestration, virtualization of the entire stack and the conglomerate we call cloud. She also has experience in storage and programmatic integration. Jasmine began writing computer programs in BASIC on one of the first IBM PCs; by 14 she was building and selling PCs to family and friends while dreaming of becoming a professional hacker. After a stint as a small-business IT consultant, she moved into the ranks of enterprise IT, demonstrating a penchant for solving “impossible” problems in directory services, messaging and systems integration. When virtualization changed the IT landscape, she embraced the technology as an obvious evolution of service delivery even before it attained mainstream status and has been on the cutting edge ever since. Her diverse experience includes system consolidation, ERP, integration, infrastructure, next-generation automation, and security and compliance initiatives in public safety, municipal government and the private sector.
Jeff Sosa
Sr. Director of Product Management
Jeff Sosa
Jeff Sosa is the Sr. Director of Product Management at Virident, focused on product management planning for Virident’s OEMs and strategic partners. He joined Virident in April 2011 to lead the product management efforts for all company products, leading the product definition efforts for the company’s expansion into MLC products and the development of the FlashMAX II Product Line and related software. Prior to Virident, Jeff was at Fusion-io, where he was Sr. Director of Product Management for the ioDrive/ioDrive2 product line and related management software, as well as DataDomain as Director of Product Management where he led the company’s expansion into the Archiving space. Jeff has also served in product management roles at Pathscale (QLogic), Network Appliance, and Brocade Communications. Finally, Jeff started in software engineering roles, including over a decade at Tandem Computers in various roles from Lead Engineer and Engineering Manager. He holds a BS in Mathematics and MS in Computer Engineering from the California State University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Flash is a welcome addition to IT’s toolbox for solving I/O problems in the modern data center. Still, integrating these technologies in a way that is non-disruptive and cost-effective can be a major challenge. In this webinar, we will explore the problems endemic to flash storage adoption and look at ways to mitigate limitations.

Register now, as we will:

  • Explore the newly available options in enterprise flash.
  • Discuss common problems, such as implementation, compatibility, redundancy and hardware lifecycle.
  • Analyze the cost-versus-benefit and cite specific use case scenarios where performance gains clearly outweigh cost and platform limitations.
  • Explore deployment modalities that integrate enterprise flash smoothly and without sacrificing features like redundancy.
New flash storage options are fast becoming the go-to tech for solving serious I/O problems. Effective use of these technologies hinges on understanding how they work, their strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, how to integrate them for maximum benefit without breaking the bank.

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