How to Move to a Zero Touch Enterprise

How to Move to a Zero Touch Enterprise


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Duration 60min
Bill O’Connell
Distinguished Engineer, Data Warehouse CTO
IBM Corporation
Bill O’Connell
Bill O’Connell is a Distinguished Engineer and Business Intelligence Data Warehousing Chief Technical Officer for IBM Information Management. Bill is responsible for the business analytical warehousing architecture and technical strategy across IBM organizations around Big Data issues. This includes aligning IBM Software and Hardware Systems Group as well as IBM Business Global Consulting Business Services for Big Data solutions around analytics. In this role, Bill is involved in driving the Big Data analytics technical integration strategy around information management's direction. Prior to joining IBM, Bill was an Architect on NCR’s Teradata Database System. Bill also has been an adjunct Professor teaching database engineering for over 15 years at such schools as Princeton University and University of Toronto. He received his Doctorates at Illinois Institute of Technology.

In the quest to reduce cost and stay competitive, organizations are looking to expand analytical approaches including streamlining IT and business processes to move to a more 'zero touch' enterprise.  Reducing the lag time and human interactions within existing business process workflows can not only reduce cost, but also enhance customer care, reduce outages, and enhance predictive maintenance.  
Register to learn how to:

  • Gain real-time visibility into operations, customer experience, transactions and behavior
  • Proactively plan to increase operational efficiency
  • Identify and investigate anomalies
  • Monitor end-to-end infrastructure to proactively avoid service degradation or outages

Join this webinar to learn how, by integrating machine data with enterprise data, you can gain real-time visibility into operations, proactively plan to increase operational efficiency, identify and investigate anomalies, and gain new insight.

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