Use Process Analytics to Drive Better Business Performance

Use Process Analytics to Drive Better Business Performance

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Duration 60min
Brad Power
Management Consultant in
Process Innovation
Brad Power
Brad Power, a consultant and researcher on process innovation, helps organizations improve the way they do their work to better serve customers. For the last four years he's been exploring cutting edge approaches to process improvement and how to build a management system to sustain their attention to process management. Brad worked with Michael Hammer in the early 1990s as Executive Director of Index Quantum, a joint venture between CSC Index and Hammer and Company that provided research into best practices for Reengineering Czars. From 2003-2009 Brad was Executive Director of the Process Management Research Center at Babson College, working with Tom Davenport. Brad has been faculty and an advisor to Phoenix, Hammer and Company's research service. For the last few years he's been collaborating with the Lean Enterprise Institute on his research. You can see some of his research insights in his blog posts at The Harvard Business Review. A complete list and brief summaries of his posts are at Brad brings to clients over thirty years of management consulting experience, including 17 years at CSC Index, the consulting firm that pioneered business reengineering. He has extensive international experience coordinating operations across country and cultural borders and has worked in 18 countries. Brad is particularly skilled and passionate about building continuous improvement into the DNA of organizations; managing the implementation of large and complex technology and process reengineering projects; coordinating diverse teams with sensitivity to stakeholder management, influence and consensus building; working with executives to identify and develop innovative business opportunities enabled by information technology; and achieving executive alignment across organizational boundaries and differences in company, country, and functional cultures. Selected clients include The Boston Globe (New York Times), Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Ingersoll Rand, Knight Ridder, Shell Oil, South Shore Hospital, The St. Paul (Travelers), The Star Alliance, and Symantec. Brad has an MBA from UCLA and a BS in Mathematical Sciences from Stanford.
Danny Cates
Software Product Manager
Perceptive Software, Lexmark
Danny Cates
Danny Cates is a Product Manager for the Perceptive Software division of Lexmark where he oversees the strategy and roadmap for workflow and process design, management, and analytics. Beginning at a public utility and migrating almost a decade ago to the software industry, he has been a champion of process improvement throughout his career. Blending his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and an MBA, Danny has a strong bias towards objective analysis and is thrilled to work closely at Perceptive with the original architects of the world’s first commercial process mining tool.
Karen Bannan
Contributing Editor
Karen Bannan
Karen is a veteran business writer and editor with a wide range of publishing experience. Her work has appeared in Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MyBusiness Magazine, Government Computer News, Workforce Management, CFO, AdWeek, Crain’s New York, Time, and Crain’s BtoB. Karen, who has a M.A. in Magazine Journalism from New York University, has also written for virtually every woman’s magazine including Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Parents, Health, Fitness, and Shape. Her technology credits include five years on staff at Computer Retail Week, PC Magazine, eWeek, and Inter@ctiveWeek as well as countless other technology publications. Her beats include hardware, software, security, business process automation, social media, cloud and mobile computing, marketing, and the retail channel. Her technology work focuses on both the public and private sectors, and she has an extensive contact list of high profile C-level sources. Karen’s editing experience includes a Forbes custom publication, a Rodale Custom publication for a financial services client, as well as United Business Media’s Smart Enterprise magazine. She has also worked extensively on custom magazines and other collateral produced by AARP, CDW, Imagination, Oracle Corp., McMurry, Federated Media, the National Federation of Businesses (NFIB), American Airlines Custom, and American Express Custom. She writes white papers, product briefs, case studies, microsites, newsletters, and feature stories. Karen is also a seasoned public speaker and presenter. She has moderated more than 200 webinars over the past few years, and has been called upon numerous times to act as an expert source, creating and presenting original webinar presentations.

Would a good, hard look at your processes benefit your organization? Something you thought was working fine might be causing more problems than you realize. Now you don’t have to guess. You can use analytics to identify problems and suggest solutions.

Join this UBM Tech webinar to find out how process analytics can change your business. Brad Power, noted process innovation consultant and researcher, joins Danny Cates, process evangelist in Lexmark’s Perceptive Software division, to dissect case studies of process improvement success. Brad takes the 50,000 feet view, while Danny gets down into the nuts and bolts of business process magic.

Real Lessons from Real Case Studies

We’ve handpicked stories to spark useful ideas and thoughtful insights for your own operation. You’ll hear the eye-opening experience of an award-winning SAP-based energy utility that applied analytics to reveal 150,000 different routes within a single process. When a public organization was paying too much for healthcare benefits, you’ll see how process analytics revealed the cause and the solution, leading to dramatic savings in the very first year.

But that’s not all. This webinar will explore questions like:

  • What should you consider to make processes an extension of your strategy?
  • What benefits can you expect from process improvement initiatives?
  • How does internal auditing lead to operational improvement?
  • What happens when exceptions are the rule, and not the exception?
  • How can analytics improve operational alignment and persuade decision makers to make a change?

Process improvement matters to competitive and operational excellence, no matter what business you are in. We invite you to join this webinar and discover new ways of looking at data and find out how to apply analytics to process improvement.

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